Sunday, August 8, 2010


So, I've decided to start a blog about Mexico so that I don't forget all the memories made while I'm here! I'm a little late starting this, since tomorrow is the one week mark, but better late than never, right?

This past week we've had several events for international students, like "noche de tacos." I've gotten to know quite a few students from all over the earth- Sweden, France, Italy, Germany, etc., as well as a bunch from US schools, and of course, many from good 'ole Mexico. One of the "amigos internacionales" that has been guiding us through this first week is named Guillermo, and he has been so helpful and informative! He helps me a lot with my spanish, and I think it's hilarious that my first friend from Mexico is named Guillermo. So stereotypical.

Yesterday we had a breakfast with our "host moms." They're not really a host family since we can't live with them this year, but we do each have our own, and there will be lots of activities planned with them throughout the semester. Anyways, mine is named Guadalupe (or Lupita) Rocha. She has a son, Paulo, who is seventeen, and a daughter whose name I didn't catch. I got to meet Paulo yesterday, and the three of us toured downtown Puebla where Señora Lupita filled me in on a lot of history of Puebla. Later, they took me to walmart to get some things I needed for my room, which looks like this:

And then finally, they took me out to eat a late lunch/ early dinner. We had tacos al pastor, a traditional food of Puebla!

This morning, some of us got up a little early to go to a church in downtown Cholula. It was built on top of a pyramid (which is inside a mountain) by the Spanish when they took over the country. The church is beautiful and very ornate. It was also PACKED. Good thing we got there a little earlier than mass started, or we would have been standing with the masses. Literally, the entire church was filled with people. There wasn't a single bit of standing room, and there were people out the door, too. Here are some pictures from that.

That last one is from church this morning. It is quite a hike to get up there! We were all huffing and puffing. After church was over and we were climbing down, we saw this strange indigenous religious ceremony going on outdoors. There were hundreds of people dressed in all white surrounding these intense looking guys dressed in traditional ceremony garb that were dancing and shaking maracas to the beat of a drum. It was very odd, but cool to watch!

After observing the ceremony for a while, we went and had lunch in Cholula, looked around the markets, and found a PANADERIA!!! (a place that sells pan dulces, or sweet breads). All the pan dulce was fresh and hot and soft and delicious. I limited myself to two items, one for right then, and one to try later. I have yet to try my one for later.

And that was my day! Now I am just reorganizing my room and getting ready for my first classes tomorrow! I have two: Procesos cognísticos and física, or "cognitive processes" and "physics." I am so nervous to have all of my classes (except for physics) in spanish. I hope they speak slowly at first.

Well, I think I will go scrounge up some food. I never thought I would say it, but I really miss the convenience of the ND dining halls. That and food that doesn't include meat and bread. I swear that's all people eat down here. Meat. Bread. Haha.

More tomorrow! Ta ta for now!

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