Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sooo this week has been CRAZY! And not to mention crazy fun! I spent a lot of the week doing schoolwork (reading this INSANELY boring book called "Walden 2"... not a bit of light reading, I can promise you that) and working on my anxiety project (which is still making me anxious). But then on Thursdaaaayyyy we went to a back to school bash kind of thing, hosted at a nearby club/venue. It turned out to be a really fun party! I went with my roommates, so it was my first roomie bonding experience, although only two could go. Here is a picture of us:

I also met up with my ND friends there, and we walked back together early because we all had class in the morning. Here are a few pics with them.

On Friday and Saturday night I stayed in and did some homework, because this Sunday (today!) we went to Tepotzlan (a city about two hours west of Puebla) to CLIMB A GIANT MOUNTAIN! It was one of the coolest experience of my life. There was a pyramid on top, but that was insignificant in comparison to the view at the top (and not to mention the 45 minutes we spent climbing straight up a mountain). Here are a few pictures of the climb.

This one was just a few minutes from the start. We all look pretty good here because we're not thinking we're going to die on our way up the mountain at this point.

A little more tired here. My legs were starting to shake. Look at Mitch's face. (side story- see those stairs on the right? I literally monkey crawled/ dragged myself up them just moments before)

Getting closer. This was a nifty little photo-op spot.

While this is a cool photo, we're not quite at the top yet! This view was just too good to pass up.

When we got to the top, we found these bizarre little raccoon-like creatures scavenging for food. They were cute! (but really smelly)

Here are some people sitting on top of the pyramid! Almost to the top!

And here, my friends, is a the incredible view from the top of this mountain. Thanks to the awesome camera my dad bought me, I can provide you with a great panorama of the whole thing! Cool, huh?

BUT WAIT! There's more!!!

On the way back down, we found a little stream. The others had already gone ahead, but Mitch, Regan, and I decided to follow it upstream to see where it led. Here is a pic of us starting to go up the unpaved mountain.

As we continued to ascend, we discovered a WATERFALL!! It was so incredible and beautiful and majestic. What a cool discovery!

Afterwords, we had lunch at a cute little place in the city and shopped around the mercado. Here is some interesting artwork I found on the walls of the city

It's all made out of beans and seeds. Sweet!

Well, it turned out to be a great day! Unfortunately, now I have to finish up some homework. :( Yuck. What an incredible end of the weekend though!


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