Thursday, August 12, 2010

schedules and fruit

The last few days have been so hectic! Just when I thought my schedule was all settled, the people in administration informed me that there had been a "miscommunication" between the med school and UDLAP. Therefore, my "psicología médica" class is actually on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, which conflicted with my hospital rotation schedule. So I had to change all of my classes around and drop the "cognitive psychology" class that I was really excited about. BUMMER! But it finally all got worked out, and this is what my schedule looks like now

Monday/ Wednesday-
Hospital rotations in the morning
Psychology and Gender

Tuesday Thursday-
Medical psychology

Learning and Memory
Physics lab (done by 1:00!)

I am actually very pleased with my schedule now, even thought it was quite an inconvenience to change it. I have my first Learning and Memory class tomorrow (it's 2.5 hours long!), so I'll let you know how that goes!

In my Psicología medica class today, we were all assigned the dates for our projects. We each must give a 20-25 minute presentation (in spanish!) about a certain topic... mine is over anxiety. And... I'm going SECOND. AHH. I'm very nervous about talking in spanish for 20ish minutes. I will be doing lots of practice before I have to give the presentation on September 7th.

Physics was good today... I understood what the crazy russian teacher was saying. Oh, actually, we discovered he is Polish. He's a very odd bird. Every day, he wears this little tiny pocket thing that fastens onto his belt. It's maybe 1 in tall and 1.5 in wide, and that thing captures my attention every day. I am literally DYING to know what he keeps inside that pouch. I asked Libby yesterday what she thought he keeps in it. She thinks it's drugs. (sarcasm) I haven't decided what I think. I'll let you know when I come to a conclusion or actually find out.

I've decided that I really like Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have class from 10-1, and then I'm free the rest of the day! It's great!

With our free time after physics today, a few of us ventured off campus to a small little mercado (market) that sells fruit and stuff. The amigos internacionales told us it is safe to eat anything we can peel. Here are my treasures!

Bananas, a cantaloupe, two avocados, and some tomatoes. Since you can't peel the tomatoes, I'm going to cook them with some pasta that I bought also (assuming that I can figure out how to cook things). I also realized I'm going to need to find a knife to cut that cantaloupe.

After our adventure to the mercado, we went to a place where they were giving out free food through a religious organization on campus. It was pretty delicious! They had really great guacamole!

MMM Tacos!

Tonight around 530, most of the group is going to the Ángelopolis mall to go shopping I plan on getting a few sweaters because it is a LOT colder here than I expected! I also hope we can make it to wal mart again... I need some yogurt, milk, cereal, etc!

Well, I think I'll take a nap before the Ángelopolis excursion. Ta ta for now!

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  1. Malia!!! I didn't know you were writing in this, and I since I checked to see if you updated all the time in vain all summer... I WAS SO EXCITED TO SEE AN UPDATE! I love reading about your mexico travels and I'm sorry Facebook chat is such a fail. I will get a Skype account so we can talk. I miss you SO MUCH! This summer was so lame without my Malia talking to me about all the crazy things I can only talk to you about! Miss you muchos, Malia! Be safe.(Btw, whenever I say that I think of Edward, pre-world's obsession with him and it makes me miss you more. It also makes me miss my OLD love for Edward, before the tweens rabidly ruined it for me.)